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Where are all the boats?

Feb 19, 2014

Overstreet and I are off the water for the day. The local weather claimed that it was in the mid 60s, but we never felt that warm and without sun I doubt the water temp moved up much. Our biggest shock was how few boats we saw for long periods of time. We stayed in our assigned section of the lake but still expected to see more. Will another section prevail or were they all just laying off the good stuff today.

Classic excitement

Feb 19, 2014

The 2014 GEICO Bassmaster Classic presented by Diet Mountain Dew and GoPro has finally arrived, and it looks to be one of the best ever.

Dear Mr. 150-to-1

Feb 19, 2014

Don Barone pens an open letter to Classic qualifier Tim Johnston, Mr. 150-to-1, as he prepares to fish the tournament of his dreams.

Walker's grinning big

Feb 19, 2014

As we sat under the bridge waiting for the fleet to come in, one of those who passed us was David Walker's GEICO boat. We followed him to a nearby spot and he had by far the biggest grin of all of the competitors we've seen today. He's won on the TN River before, can he do it again?

New asphalt at launch spot

Feb 19, 2014

Local angler Dave Roberts of Arab, Ala., likes that the Classic coming to town has meant some spiffying up at Tom Jackson Park, where he launches.   It's so fresh you can smell the asphalt, and the new dock is good for old codgers, he said. On the other side if the point, City Park, where the anglers will takeoff, didn't even really exist, at least for boaters. The breakwall and new dock should serve the town well for years.   "It was a dramatic improvement," Leary said.

Movement afoot

Feb 19, 2014

For the better part of an hour it seemed to me like they'd canceled the Classic -- not a competition boat to be seen, just the occasional local. Now, as time comes to a close, there's movement afoot. As Overstreet and I worked our way back toward the launch, three wrapped boats passed us. We also saw Patrick Bone for the third time, in a new area but on the same type of structure as the other two. Perhaps he has a pattern that he can run in multiple areas.

The Expo in your pocket

Feb 19, 2014

You can navigate the Expo easily with a web-enabled application custom-made for Classic visitors.

Mike Suchan working on practice day

Feb 19, 2014 staff member Mike Suchan has been busy working all day covering the practice at Guntersville.

Bring your big heads!

Feb 19, 2014

Got "big heads"? Bring them to the Classic to show who you're rooting for! Your big head might get on TV!

Contenders have scattered on Guntersville

Feb 19, 2014

Boyd Duckett is having a little work done to his new residence on Lake Guntersville -- the entire left wing, as well as updating the facade on the original structure to match. To get the whole thing on Darren's 300 mm lens, we had to back way off into the main channel.   "Further ... More ... More ... "   Leary was taking us to where he thought the Classic would be won. "Best grass left in the lake."