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Crankbaits that hunt

Aug 13, 2014

Some crankbaits will create more resistance during the retrieve — or what’s referred to as “pull” — and those are the ones savvy pros search for.

How the cold will affect Guntersville fishing

Feb 14, 2014

It's been an unpredictable winter at Guntersville this year -- what does that mean for the weather conditions at this year's Classic?

Bassmaster U - Carolina Clash

Sep 11, 2008

Guy Eaker, Pat Golden, Ben Matsubu and Jason Williamson talk about fishing in the Carolinas.

A question of style

Aug 19, 2007

It's important for every angler to develop his own fishing style, whether he's a power fisherman like I am, a finesse specialist or a flipper and pitcher. The key is to find a style you enjoy and that works for you more often than no

Carolina pros

Jul 26, 2005

5 anglers will be representing the Carolina's at the 2004 Bassmaster Classic on Lake Wylie.