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Tidal bass 101

Jan 25, 2011

The common thread of fishing rivers, streams and tidal bass fisheries is undeniably the presence of moving water. In the case of rivers and streams, the water generally flows in one direction. For tidewater zones, influenced by the daily rise and fall of water known as the high and low tide, the opposite situation holds true. That being the case, finding yourself at the right place at the right time is more critical with tidal bass fishing than any other form of freshwater angling.

BASS: The Movie premier

Oct 12, 2009

Bass: The Movie, billed as "a road trip through California in search of fishing secrets and a world record," will premier on Oct. 17 at Pacific Design Center in Hollywood, Calif.

Meyer manhandles Delta

Mar 29, 2007

Day Two of the 2005 CITGO Bassmaster Western Open on the California Delta has Russ Meyers still holding the lead.

Meyer masters Delta as West flexes muscles

Mar 29, 2007

Day One of the 2005 CITGO Bassmaster Western Open has Russ Meyer in the lead.