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Mr. Mom

Sep 21, 2011

Well, I’m playing Mr. Mom this week since my wife, Jimmye Sue, is on a trip with her mother and sister. They’re going to be gone for about a week, so I have puppy duty, errands to do and taxi service to run for my daughters.

Puppies and speaking and Falcon, oh my!

Sep 14, 2011

The thing that has taken up most of my time this past week has been a cold.

Casting and blasting

Sep 7, 2011

The Cast and Blast over the weekend was great. In case you don’t remember, Little Alton and I went down to Zapata,Texas, with several other fathers and sons and spent time fishing Falcon Lake and dove hunting.

Falcon, puppies and the Elite schedule

Aug 30, 2011

This is one of those weeks when life as a bass pro is wonderful. As far as tournaments go, I’m free but I’m busy hunting and fishing.

Who loves puppies?

Aug 23, 2011

On Saturday, our dog Grace gave birth to 13 puppies.

Argentina: Dove Capital

Aug 17, 2011

We just got back in town from our Argentinean dove hunt. It was, without a doubt, one of the best hunts I’ve ever been on.

Argentinean doves beware!

Aug 10, 2011

Today is the day that we (Little Alton and I) leave from Dallas and head to Argentina for our dove hunt.

Way to go, Ott!

Aug 2, 2011

First of all, I want to take a second and congratulate Ott DeFoe on his great victory at the postseason this year. Not only was he the Rookie of the Year, but he’s proved that he’s a lot more than that.

Go, Ott, go!

Jul 27, 2011

I’m going to make my prediction for Toyota Trucks All-Star Week: I’m going with Ott Defoe.

Tasty new products from ICAST

Jul 19, 2011

ICAST is always a great time, not only because of all the cool new products you get to see, but because it’s like a giant family reunion.