Topics: 2013 Elite Series Toyota All-Star Week and Evan Williams Bourbon Championship

Marshal check-in

Sep 28, 2013

Photo by Bill Heller

Leader interview

Sep 27, 2013

Owner Hooks' daily video wrap: an interview with tournament leader Cliff Pace!

All-Star title still wide open

Sep 27, 2013

Day One does little in terms of weeding out the winner.

Outpacing the Elites

Sep 27, 2013

MUSKEGON, Mich. — Cliff Pace got a surprise package Friday. He was presented with a Bassmaster Classic ring, which he earned last February. “It was totally a surprise — a good one,” he said.

Day One on the water III

Sep 27, 2013

More images from the first day on the water!

Day One behind-the-scenes

Sep 27, 2013

Go backstage with the All-stars in Muskegon!

Day One weigh-in

Sep 27, 2013

Check out images from the first weigh-in of Toyota All-Star Week!

In the boat with KVD

Sep 27, 2013

James Overstreet hops in KVD's boat with his camera and you get to go along for the ride.

Combs culls again

Sep 27, 2013

Keith Combs was able to cull up a few more ounces with another bass caught from this weed-bed off the point at Fisherman's Landing. Skeet Reese has now left this area, but not before pausing to have a conversation with Combs, as a large ship headed up the lake behind them.

Combs culls slightly

Sep 27, 2013

Keith Combs just caught a fish that helped him, slightly. But as you can see from the BASSTRAKK standings, every ounce may be important on Lake Muskegon. Combs and Skeet Reese are fishing an area near Fisherman's Landing.   Combs was working a large weedbed here, just like he was when I left the water around noon. I'm back out, covering this event by land. I'm not close enough to Combs to carry on a conversation and find out if he's been here the entire time, but he did tell me that fish allowed him to cull a smaller one.