Topics: 2006 CITGO Bassmaster Elite Series Legends Tournament

Local anglers favored

Dec 29, 2006

Arkansas angler Matt Lee fills us in on what the pros can expect at the Legends on Arkansas River.

Scott Rook's home court advantage

Dec 29, 2006

Scott Rook can literally see his house from where he's fishing at the Legends.

The early bite matters...

Dec 29, 2006

Mike McClelland's experience on the Arkansas River is vast and he's passing on some advise.

Early-bird crowd cheers on Super Six

Dec 29, 2006

Third generation bass fisher at the 2006 Major, on the Arkansas River tells how he aspires to be a pro some day.

Rook overcomes 'jinx'

Dec 29, 2006

Scott Rook wins the 2006 Major- Legends-on the Arkansas River, his home body of water.