2007 Bassmaster Classic Lay Lake - Birmingham, AL, Feb 23 - 25, 2007

Lay Lake: Gary Klein Double-Duty Jigs

Gary Klein
Gary Klein

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Tim Tucker

Tim Tucker was a legendary bass journalist and longtime Senior Writer for Bassmaster Magazine. He authored seven books on bass fishing. Tim died in 2007, but his work and legacy live on.

The way to Gary Klein's heart is to tell him he can spend an entire tournament with a stout rod and rubber-skirted jig in hand.

And that is exactly how his 25th Classic appearance played out for the veteran Texas pro — but with a twist.

Klein strung together limits weighing 11-6, 17-5 and 15-10 to finish fifth with 44-5 on the strength of not one, but two jig patterns. Both involved a prototype football-style jig he is developing for Spro.

A 3/4-ounce jig was the key to catching bass atop a breakline(that dropped from 12 to 30 feet) running through a field of standing timber. The 3/8-ounce version provided quality bites from bass suspended out in front of shallow docks in Spring Creek.

"Going into the Classic, I knew getting a limit would be no problem," Klein explains. "When I ran the deep pattern all day I'd get 20 to 30 bites. But I didn't know what size fish to expect because I wasn't setting the hook in practice. I was pleasantly surprised when I caught quite a few 3- and 3 1/4-pound spots. Spotted bass love standing timber, and rock was key. If I found timber and rock, it was a guaranteed bite."

As a fallback pattern, Klein targeted docks with his jig.

"The fish were not under the docks until the afternoon sun warmed the water. Once the water warmed a bit, the bass would suspend on the outside corners in 3 feet of water. Even then, I had to work the jig really slow and methodically to get the fish to bite."



LURES: Brown/purple 3/8- and 3/4-ounce Spro prototype football-head jig with a twin-tail trailer (green pumpkin dipped in chartreuse dye).

TACKLE: 25-pound-test Berkley Vanish Transition fluorocarbon, 7-6 Quantum PT Gary Klein Signature Series flipping stick, Quantum Accurist 570 reel.

TECHNIQUE:Klein flipped a jig around the outside edges of docks, as well as cast to standing timber in deeper water.