The KJ factor, Chapman's incredible year, and much more

Looking back at Toledo Bend, forward to La Crosse

A Spoonful of Success

Chapman was straightforward when asked to describe the spoon that was a key in his victory at Toledo Bend.

"I got it at Mark's Outdoors in Birmingham (Ala.)," he said. "There are no packages. They are just hanging on the rack."

Chapman wasn't even certain about the spoon's dimensions, noting that it was "silver, about an ounce, ounce-and-a-quarter, about five inches long."

He was quite certain about some modifications he made to it, adding two split rings and a 2/0 Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp treble hook to the back.

"I only lost one fish the entire week on it," Chapman said. "It's a big hook. It's got awesome barbs. It was just an amazing deal."

Most amazing of all was Chapman's ability to work it through the standing timber that dominates Toledo Bend Reservoir without losing a drawer-full of spoons. Chapman got hung frequently, but the lure works like a built-in plug-knocker: A few shakes of the rod tip allow the weight of the spoon to pull the treble hook from any obstructions.

"I think I lost one spoon the entire week, between practice and the tournament," Chapman said. "You can throw it in that timber, and you'd be really surprised about how well you can get it through there."

He was casting it on 20-pound test Gama fluorocarbon line.