McClelland’s favorite fall lures

Sticking to Pee Paw’s theme of moving quickly, he reiterates that buzzbaits and spinnerbaits both allow you to cover a lot of water, whether you’re moving down a row of boat docks, or a bare, wind-blown, shallow shoreline.

As far as blade colors are concerned, he chooses gold more than silver for buzzbaits, and a combination of gold and nickel on his spinnerbaits.

'The Little Brown Jig'

“My job is to cover as much water as I can – but if the fish seem lethargic – then I’ll pick up ‘The Little Brown Jig.’” McClelland refers to “The Little Brown Jig” in all capital letters, because the family of lightweight and compact, brown jigs by any brand name is synonymous with success in the Ozarks.

“I use the Bass-X brand in weights ranging from 5/16 to 1/2 ounce, but the 5/16 gets the majority of the work done,” says McClelland.  “That little jig will catch ‘em year ‘round, but it really shines around boat docks in the fall.

“I vary my jig trailers a lot with “The Little Brown Jig,” ranging from Zoom’s finesse-like Critter Craw to their larger Baby Brush Hog, until I figure out what gets more bites. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to vary your trailers – it can make a huge difference,” emphasizes McClelland.

McClelland advises that Halloween doesn’t signal the end of these lures’ goodness. He’ll be using all four of them until water temps hit the high 40s in early winter in America’s Heartland. Just don’t count on the amiable Arkansas pro to dress in a Santa Claus suit for advice on how to catch Christmas time largemouth.