Going long!

Long casts aren’t just for showing off, but can help you maximize catching opportunities

Step into it.“For a right-handed caster, your left foot is forward, and as you power the rod past your shoulder, you step forward with your right, pivoting your body. Just a short step can really add to the distance.”

Do try this at home.“Go out in the backyard and try different lures, lines and reel settings. You’ll get a lot better feel for what works for you than on the water.”


While most of us cast with our arms and wrists, when you really want to reach out there, putting your trunk and legs into it can make a big difference.

Elite Series pro Kevin Hawk of Alabama puts his body into his longest casts. “If I need an extra-long cast, I swing the rod from the side and pivot as it drives forward to gain tip speed,” says Hawk, who uses a 7-5 iRod Air as his “big gun,” with an Abu Garcia Revo SX reel and Seaguar Kanzen braid. “I back off completely on the cast-control knob and control spool speed with the edge of my thumb.”


Most modern reels, properly adjusted, will put a lure into orbit. But some seem to have a few design advantages.

“I really like the new Lew’s BB1 Pro Series,” Browning says. “It’s got an oversize titanium line guide that has been moved forward so the distance from the spool to the guide is increased. This lowers friction and really seems to help my distance.”

Many anglers also like the Tatula series from Daiwa, which has a T-Wing line guide, open at the top so the line doesn’t have to “push” the levelwind as it flies off the spool.


  1. A long handle on a rod improves your leverage during the swing, allowing for longer casts.
  2. For added distance, choose a parabolic action, where the rod bends farther down the blank.
  3. The overall length of your rod is important. The longer, the farther you will cast.
  4. Premium rod guides are an important consideration when choosing a rod for distance casting.
  5. Going long is all about tip speed. Make sure your rod has a fast tip to assist with the launch.

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