Edwin Evers' 5 favorite fall lures


  • Spinnerbait Model: 1/2-ounce chartreuse-and-white Bass Pro Shops Lazer Eye Pro Series with tandem willowleaf blades.
  • Situations: Sunny or cloudy, calm or windy. Stained water in the backs of pockets around docks, logs and laydowns from the bank to 7 feet deep.
  • Retrieve: Slow rolling.
  • Tackle: 7-foot medium-heavy Pro Qualifier rod and Pro Qualifier reel (5.2:1 gear ratio) and 20-pound XPS Fluorocarbon.


  • Buzzbait Model: War Eagle in white or black. "If bass are feeding on big gizzard shad, I will throw a 1/2-ounce and if they are feeding on threadfin or smaller shad I will throw 3/8- or even 1/4-ounce in clear-water situations."
  • Situations: Stained to dirty water on cloudy days with a "fairly calm" water surface around laydowns, logs and sides of docks from the bank to 7 feet deep. "It's really good along rocky banks like riprap or chunk rock, and on points."
  • Retrieve: "I just try it slow and steady enough to make it bubble."
  • Tackle: 7-foot medium Pro Qualifier rod, Pro Qualifier 6.4:1 reel with 50-pound braid.


  • Jig Model: 3/8- or 1/2-ounce black-and-blue War Eagle Jig with a Zoom Speed Craw. Situations: Any weather especially post-frontal situations.
  • Retrieves: Crawling, hopping or swimming along specific targets such as wood cover and docks.
  • Tackle: 7-foot medium-heavy or heavy Pro Qualifier rod, Pro Qualifier 6.4:1 reel and 50- pound braid with 20- to 25-pound XPS Fluorocarbon leader about 3 feet long.

Lipless crankbaits

  • Lipless crankbait Model: Megabass 1/2 ounce Vibration X-Ultra in sexy shad color.
  • Situations: "Sun or clouds doesn't really matter, but I like to have just a little bit of wind." Shallow grass and rocks out to 7 feet deep.
  • Retrieves: "Sometimes I'm just burning it as fast as I can reel it, and sometimes I like to reel it and then sweep it with the rod and reel up the slack and sweep it again."
  • Tackle: 7 1/2-foot medium Bass Pro Shops Extreme rod, Pro Qualifier 6.41 reel and 17- or 20-pound test XPS Fluorocarbon.

Originally published September 2010