6 tips for fishing aquatic vegetation

How Terry “Big Show” Scroggins fishes aquatic vegetation

3. Going big applies to hook, line and fishing rods, too

“I use 65-pound braid, tied to a 6/0 hook on a heavy action fishing rod at least 7-feet long nearly all the time when I’m pitching the grass,” emphasizes Scroggins. “Heavy braid is a must for fishing around weeds for three reasons. First, if you’re using that huge 1 1/2-ounce weight, like you should be, you’ll need heavy line paired to your heavy weight. Secondly, you need plenty of pulling power to free the bass from the weedbed once you get a bite. And thirdly, if you do get snagged, braid makes pulling free a whole lot faster and easier.”

4. Frogs above and tiny craws below

“If I had two lures for the rest of my life to fish vegetation, it’d be a Yum Big Show Craw and a Booyah Pad Crasher frog. In other words, one lure for on top of the weeds (frog), and another lure for beneath them (craw),” said Scroggins. “It’s really, really important to use a small compact craw. For starters, most of the critters that live around matted vegetation like grass shrimp and sunfish are small, so you’re matching the hatch, and secondly, you can get a 3 1/2-inch compact bait in and out of the weeds a heck of a lot easier than a big bait like a creature bait.”