5 mistakes deep crankers make

Avoid these common pitfalls when fishing deep diving crankbaits and you'll see your catch improve

Mistake #4: Maintaining a poor rod angle

Many anglers position their rod to the side when they begin their retrieve, which puts more bend in the rod and adds resistance on arms between the wrist and the elbow.

“I point the rod directly at the lure during the retrieve and follow it all the way back,” Horton described. “That puts the resistance on the grip of your hands, not your arms.”

Mistake #5: Using dull hooks

Sharp hooks are imperative to catching and landing quality bass. Recreational anglers tend to fish the same stock hooks throughout the season.

“It’s really critical to watch that front treble hook when fishing around anything hard (rocks, riprap or shellbeds),” he said. “That hook will dull after extended scraping on hard bottoms.”

Horton periodically “touches up” the point of hooks after a few hours of fishing, and if he notices the shank slightly bent, he will replace it immediately.

“It’s not uncommon for me to change the front hook on a crankbait two or three times during a day of fishing,” he added.