Latest Opens Series News

The fun begins during practice

Sep 8, 2013

Team of Darrell Pons and his son, Darrell Pons and the team of Don and Martha Goodfellow, a husband/wife team, chat on a practice day morning. A beautiful sunrise sets the stage for a picture of their Toyota Tundras.

High School Invitational

Sep 7, 2013

The first ever B.A.S.S. High School Invitational was hosted right here on Wheeler Lake a couple of months ago. And tonight at registration, the champs showed up to meet the competitors. High school coaches and champs on-site included Don Gowen, Brianna Tucker, Mitchell Gowen, Blake Gowen and Jim Garrie. All represent Decatur, Ala., high school fishing.

Dinner, with a side of smack

Sep 7, 2013

We are in the middle of the registration for the Toyota Owners Bonus Bucks Tournament.

On the final stretch to Lake Erie

Sep 6, 2013


Sep 6, 2013

Nothing like a good gas station sandwich while on the road.

Team Redneck throws down gauntlet

Sep 6, 2013

James Overstreet and I (better known as Team Redneck) have spent a full day of practicing on Lake Wheeler.

Caldwell leaves for Erie

Sep 6, 2013

Jamey Caldwell is making his way from North Carolina to Lake Erie for the final Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Northern Open.

Ohio anglers ready to take on Erie

Sep 5, 2013

Failure is not an option, and Elite Series pro Fletcher Shryock is feeling the pressure going into the Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Northern Open on Lake Erie out of Sandusky, Sept. 12-14.

Forward march

Sep 2, 2013

This last week I’ve been messing around with smallies. Some days were better than others. I hope what I learned will help me with the upcoming Bass Pro Shops Northern Open on Lake Erie.

Embarrassed at Oneida

Aug 6, 2013

I was so bummed after the Bass Pro Shops Northern Open at Oneida Lake that I had to wait a few days before attempting to write this.