Latest Nation Series News

Meet the teams of the East

Sep 23, 2014

Nine teams representing seven states, one Canadian province and one European country converge on the St. Lawrence River for the Eastern Divisional.

Practicing with Spain

Sep 23, 2014

Frank Giner is translating and helping practice with the Spanish B.A.S.S. Nation team. Check out his pictures with Javier and Eloy as they have a good day on the water and get ready for the start of the Old Milwaukee B.A.S.S. Nation Eastern Divisional. 

Waddington ready for Nation anglers

Sep 23, 2014

Fred Blom shows us what the city of Waddington has in store for the B.A.S.S. Nation this week. 

Look out, pike!

Sep 23, 2014

Ricky Turczak on day 2 of practice.  Photo: Chip Servant

Find the gobies, find the bass

Sep 22, 2014

Most of the St. Lawrence smallmouth will be feeding heavily on gobies hanging around rockpiles, shoals and drops in depths of 20 to 50 feet.

A special week for Aussies

Sep 2, 2014

In just a few days, one of us in the Australia B.A.S.S. Nation will be lucky enough to have won a tr

Nation: Day 3 weigh-in

Aug 15, 2014

A local angler prevailed on a challenging Lake Monroe on the final day of the Northern Divisional.

Denning drives slowly to divisional title

Aug 15, 2014

The fishing was extremely tough during the Old Milwaukee B.A.S.S. Nation Northern Divisional at Monr

MacDonald with a nice Monroe bass

Aug 15, 2014

Ian MacDonald is on the board.

Superman makes takeoff appearance

Aug 15, 2014

Scott Moon (IN supporter) wore his best Superman pants to takeoff!