Latest Nation Series News

Big bass of the West

May 27, 2014

Check out the Carhartt big fish of the tournament at the B.A.S.S. Nation Western Divisional.

Western Divisional Day 3 weigh-in

May 23, 2014

The locals came out in Trout Creek, Mont., for the final day of the Western Divisional.

The many talents of Casey Welch

May 23, 2014

Casey Welch of Colorado says he can give Skeet Reese a run for his money in the dance realm.    

2014 Western Division High School winners - Montana

May 23, 2014

Tim Johnston wins 2014 Western Divisional

May 23, 2014


Johnston wins on a Noxon ‘magic tree’

May 23, 2014

While everyone else was heading toward the popular flats of Noxon Reservoir at launch each day, Tim Johnston was going in the completely opposite direction, which proved to be key to his win at the 2014 B.A.S.S. Nation Western Divisional.

Western Divisional Day 3 launch

May 23, 2014

Two unique patterns emerged on Day 3 -- the mohawk and the early bankers.

Western Divisional Day 2 weigh-in

May 22, 2014

Three 14-pound sacks came out of Noxon today, plus a 4-pound smallie.

Early bite puts local in lead

May 22, 2014

Some anglers in the 2014 B.A.S.S. Nation Western Divisional worked all day to eke out a limit on Montana’s Noxon Reservoir. But not Tim Johnston. He did it in an hour and a half.

Noxon crowded

May 22, 2014

Scott Hausman sent this photo and report: Community holes on Noxon are crowded again with a slower bite so far.