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Diamond Drive Live Blog - Day One

Jun 9, 2011

Live blog from Day One of the Elite Series Diamond Drive


Jun 8, 2011

KVD makes the perfect pitchman for B.A.S.S., but can he do it on the mound?

First Pitch

Jun 8, 2011

Short says Arkansas River will be better

Jun 8, 2011

Arkansas River fishing isn’t nearly as tough as it was in 2006.

2011 Diamond Drive Registration

Jun 8, 2011

Daddy DeFoe defines driven

Jun 8, 2011

Life seems to operate in one gear for Bassmaster Elite Series pro Ott DeFoe: hyper-drive.

Diamond Drive Day Three Practice

Jun 8, 2011

The Elites work the Arkansas River on the third day of practice for the Diamond Drive.

How fragile, we ...

Jun 8, 2011

It was behind the weigh-in stage where I saw one of the most incredible and touching sights I have seen in all the years of covering sports. Something I will never forget.

Locked out

Jun 8, 2011

While much of the attention has been focused on tough fishing conditions on the Arkansas River, a bigger concern for Edwin Evers will be the locking situation.

Fishing small on the Arkansas River

Jun 8, 2011

The conditions we’re likely to face will shrink the fishery. It levels the playing field in the sense that the tournament becomes a contest of who can make them bite rather than who can find the best spot.