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2005 CITGO Bassmaster Classic Payout

Apr 13, 2005

2005 CITGO Bassmaster Classic Payout

2005 Bassmaster Classic: Clunn comeback

Apr 8, 2005

"I wasn't always fishing to win, and that was a direct departure from previous years," Clunn said. "I was going for quality fish instead of using my knowledge, and I just wasn't having fun."

2001 Bassmaster Classic: Chaotic year

Apr 1, 2005

"I have been totally shocked at the magnitude of what winning the Classic has meant." VanDam says. "Without a doubt, bass fishing is far more mainstream than ever before."

2001 Bassmaster Classic: Déjà vu

Mar 25, 2005

With air temperatures pushing the century mark each day and steamy water temperatures above 90 degrees, few bass experts believed the Classic's weight record would fall in the vast Louisiana Delta … except Hite, that is.

2001 Bassmaster Classic: Practice

Mar 25, 2005

Thanks to torrential rains in Louisiana and Texas from Tropical Storm Allison, the 45 Classic contenders didn't find the cooperative fish they were looking for during their six days of prefishing.

2001 Bassmaster Classic: VanDam wins

Mar 25, 2005

After all, he's considered one of bassing's greatest competitors, but the elusive Classic crown had always been missing from his trophy case.

2001 Bassmaster Classic: Storm brewing

Mar 25, 2005

Tropical Storm Barry is moving slowly toward the Big Easy with sustained winds of 40 mph. As a result, an official Tropical Storm Watch has been posted for the southeastern portion of Louisiana, which includes the Classic fishing waters.

2001 Bassmaster Classic: VanDam 1st

Mar 25, 2005

On Friday, the Kalamazoo, Mich., pro took a giant step toward filling a key gap in his otherwise immaculate resume by moving into his first place after a rough and tumble Day 2 at the 31st BASS Masters Classic.

2001 Bassmaster Classic: Day One

Mar 25, 2005

Round one goes to the wind, waves and weather.That was the opinion of a number of anglers Thursday after the first round of the 31st Bassmaster Classic on the Louisiana Delta.

Denny Brauer: Back surgery

Mar 25, 2005

Brauer is recovering from back surgery earlier this month aimed at correcting a painful Sciatic nerve problem caused by a bone spur and a calcium deposit that had combined to virtually pinch the nerve off.