Latest Classic Series News

KVD is now at Grand Lake

Feb 14, 2013

Kevin VanDam has made it to the launch site and is ready to get started practicing.

Employees packing up

Feb 14, 2013

The B.A.S.S. office is emptying out as employees begin heading toward Tulsa.

Lowen stopped to fish on his way to Tulsa

Feb 14, 2013

Bill Lowen left his home in Brookville, Ind., yesterday and stopped at a lake along the way to knock some of the fishing rust off.

McClelland has secret weapons for Classic

Feb 14, 2013

Mike McClelland says he is “flying under the radar” going into his ninth Bassmaster Classic. He could not be happier about that.

Confidence builder

Feb 14, 2013

Matt Lee couldn't wait to find some fish once he got to Oklahoma.

The eagle has landed

Feb 14, 2013

Mike Iaconelli is looking over the map, getting ready to hit Grand Lake O' the Cherokees tomorrow morning.

Snow blowing in Wisconsin

Feb 14, 2013

While others are worried about Tulsa being too cold, this Bassmaster photographer is hoping to actually warm up in Tulsa!

How to watch the Bassmaster Classic

Feb 14, 2013

Fans will get to experience all the action for the Classic, whether they're in Tulsa or watching from home.

Last in the Classic

Feb 14, 2013

Finishing last in a Bassmaster Classic is no disgrace. You might be surprised at some of the last-place finishers.

Activities for kids at the Classic

Feb 13, 2013

During the day, fans can enjoy the Outdoor Game Village in the Tulsa Convention Center.