RIBFN: Mashapaug Gets Cleaned Up

On a very humid Saturday morning, July 12, 2008, the Rhode Island BASS Federation Nation (RI BFN) spearheaded a mass clean-up project of the Mashapaug Pond in Providence/Cranston, R.I.

 The effort was organized by Mike Asciola, VP/Conservation Director of the RI BFN, and consisted of 25 volunteers. In addition to the BFN's members, other organizations that participated were the State Department of Environmental Management (DEM), the Mashapaug Pond Association and the Pawtuxet River Authority.

 Mashapaug is the largest body of fresh water in the city of Providence and has served as a cooling pond for the Gorham Manufacturing Company for nearly a century.

 A dumpster was donated by the Providence Parks & Recreation Department. DEM provided supplies, tools and other essential items to assist in the debris removal. Other provisions along with food and beverages were supplied by the BFN.

 Coffee and donuts fueled the group to get them revved for this huge undertaking. All were very anxious to begin clearing away and beautifying the millpond.

 Volunteers removed countless items of waste that muddled the area. Rusted shopping carts and tires that were dumped in the water were taken away. An abandoned boat and trailer were hauled out and were the last deposits made in the dumpster.

 The RI BASS Federation Nation has another clean-up project in the works which will take place in March 2009. Again, they will be working directly with the Pawtuxet River Authority and the DEM. The RI BFN plans to make their next clean-up project a BASS ACT project.