No More Tangles, No More Harm

Pennsylvania B.A.S.S. Federation Nation Conservation Director is spreading the word about the line recycling program

Jim Cardillo, Conservation director of the Pennsylvania BASS Federation Nation, was recently out practicing for a tournament on Lake Erie when his outboard seized up. After limping back to the ramp with his electric motor, he discovered that braided fishing line had wrapped around the prop shaft. After $4,000 in repairs, Cardillo decided to do something about the hazards of discarded braid.

His first stop was the Berkley Line Recycling Program that recaptures fishing line and turns it into plastic fish structures. Cardillo and his buddies in the Lake Latonka Bassmasters began making their own fishing line recycling containers. They placed them at two launching ramps and at the two largest marinas in the area. They acquired the appropriate permissions, including approval to utilize existing shoreline signposts for mounting the containers. The club gave its assurance that it would tend to the periodic emptying of the recycling containers and send the contents to Berkley.

To spread the word about the recycling program, Cardillo posted signs on bulletin boards near the recycling containers to inform anglers of the project.

"There's no more need to go home with discarded fishing line in your pockets," Cardillo said. "The recycling program will reduce the chances of the line causing problems for fish, wildlife and even propeller shafts."

Materials for a Recycling Container

  • One 2-foot length of PVC schedule 40 pipe
  • One 90-degree elbow (schedule 40)
  • One 45-degree elbow (schedule 40)
  • One screw-type cleanout cap (schedule 40)
  • One couple with screw threads on one end (schedule 40)
  • One can of plastic pipe solvent and a small can of cleaner
  • One set of vinyl letters for the "FISH LINE RECYCLING" and "NO TRASH" lettering on the containers
  • One B.A.S.S. decal for each container constructed and maintained by B.A.S.S. Federation Nation Clubs

 Note: Material for each container can be purchased for about $22.