BASS Times: Westward trek continues

DENVER — Federal and state officials working in Colorado announced in late September that larval quagga and zebra mussels (veligers) have been found in water samples taken from Grand Lake, Shadow Mountain and Willow Creek reservoirs.

 Following standard identifying protocol, veligers were found first under the microscope and then in an independent lab that performed DNA tests to confirm their presence.

 Earlier this year, mussels were also found in Lake Granby, another lake in the Colorado-Big Thompson Project reservoir chain, and a lake that is physically connected to the rest of the newly infested bodies of water.

 The Colorado Division of Wildlife, Bureau of Reclamation, U.S. Forest Service and the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District are cooperating with water managers and local partners to develop a plan to respond to this development.

Boaters are urged to drain, clean and dry their boats to help control the mussels' spread.


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