2008 Southern Open #3 Lake Guntersville - Guntersville, AL, Oct 16 - 18, 2008

Day Two Notes

Notes and quotes from Lake Guntersville

Double trouble

Day Two found pro Kyle Fox paired with co-angler Jelani Hennessey, and although the morning may have started slowly, the pair quickly figured out a pattern. The fish they weighed in on Day Two would allow each to more than double their respective Day One weights, seeing them into the final day of competition on Lake Guntersville.

Senior Tournament Manager Chris Bowes pointed out on stage that the combined weight between the two anglers was more than the sum of their ages. These young anglers came up through the Junior Bassmaster program, proving if that you have the will, with BASS, there is a way.


"I may check out another spot or two tomorrow. I still have two places that I haven't touched (yet) that I found in practice. I have been holding on to those — I haven't needed them yet."

— Elite Series pro Casey Ashley, after weighing in 22pounds, 6 ounces on Day Two

"You know this is a great fishery. Then you come here and have a good practice and you think you're onto something; then you show up to the Day One weigh in and you, well ... you get it put to you."

— Elite Series pro Peter Thliveros, after weighing in on Day Two

"I think this flipping thing is going to be the deal."

— Bassmaster Elite Series Rookie of the Year Bobby Lane, after weighing in over 21 pounds on the toughest day of the tournament

"I had a chance at one of those Randall Tharp bags today. The only problem was, I was losing the big ones and catching the little ones."

— Pro Sam Bass, speaking to Chris Bowes on stage after weighing in 19 pounds, 4 ounces

"Pam is a much better fisherman than I am."

— Steven Wells, speaking of his wife, WBT pro Pam Martin Wells