2009 Elite Series - Blue Ridge Brawl Smith Mountain Lake - Moneta, VA, Apr 23 - 26, 2009

Pros' picks

The Elites take their shot at who will fare well on Smith Mountain Lake

MONETA, Va. — On the eve of Day One of the Blue Ridge Brawl, we asked the Elite Series anglers to pick three anglers they think should excel on Smith Mountain Lake.

Chris Lane

1) Aaron Martens I like Aaron because this is a clear water lake and he's one heckuva finesse fisherman.

2) Zell Rowland I think he's going to catch them on his Pop-R.

3) Bobby Lane He's seeing a lot of 4-pounders.

Bobby Lane

1) Dean Rojas Rojas is a sight fisherman extraordinaire.

2) Shaw Grigsby His eyes are better than most of us.

3) Chris Lane Chris is a good sight fisherman, but he has something else going on, too.

Zell Rowland

1) Shaw Grigsby He's one of the best sight fishermen around.

2) Casey Ashley He won the last one here and has a lot of local knowledge of the lake.

3) Denny Brauer There's a lot of fish staging in the brush tops in this lake.

Bill Lowen

1) Kelly Jordon The fish are 'up' and K.J. will probably catch them.

2) Alton Jones Alton's been of fire all year.

3) Shaw Grigsby If there's a sight fishing bite you just about have to pick Shaw.

Mark Menendez

1) Timmy Horton Timmy knows how to catch them on the beds.

2) Jared Lintner I think there may be a swimbait bite out there too.

3) Shaw Grigsby Sight fishing and his expertise with light tackle and a spinning rod.

Jason Williamson

1) Terry Scroggins Great sight fisherman.

2) John Murray Murray is a great deep, clear water fisherman.

3) Aaron Martens Great with a spinning rod in his hands.

Dave Wolak

1) Jared Lintner Versatile and that's what it's going to take here.

2) Pat Golden He fishes these type reservoirs a lot. He's staying with me and I think he's onto something good.

3) Bobby Lane He's my favorite pirate looter.

Casey Ashley

1) Kelly Jordon Sight fishing.

2) Dave Wolak Sight fishing.

3) Kevin VanDam Cause he can catch them anywhere.