Welcome to "The Club"

Here at BASS we have several clubs... There's the Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year Club.

Skeet Reese

Here at BASS we have several clubs.

 There's the Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year Club. In 39 years, just 18 different anglers have earned membership in this club, led by Roland Martin who won nine AOY titles.

 And there's the Bassmaster Classic Champions Club, with 32 members over the event's 39-year history. The seminal member of this club is Rick Clunn with his four Classic titles.

 There's the BASS Millionaire Club for anglers who have earned seven figures in BASS prize money. There are currently 29 members in that club.

 Finally there's the BASS Century Club comprised of anglers who have caught more than 100 pounds of bass in a four day tournament during the five-bass limit era. There are 24 members of the Century Club with more applicants ready to join at Lake Amistad when the Elite Series season starts there in March.

 "The Club," with a capital "T," would have to be the 12-member group of men who have won both a Bassmaster Classic and Angler of the Year honors. Those 12 include Hank Parker (member since 1983), Larry Nixon (1983), Rick Clunn (1988), Guido Hibdon (1990), David Fritts (1994), Mark Davis (1995), Denny Brauer (1998), Davy Hite (1999), Kevin VanDam (2001), Jay Yelas (2003), Michael Iaconelli (2006) and, most recently, Skeet Reese (2009).

 It's inarguably the most prestigious "club" in the world of bass fishing. To belong means that you've climbed just about every mountain that our sport has to offer. You came, you saw, you took home the trophy and a nice check for your efforts.

 But are any anglers members of all four clubs — AOY, Classic, Millionaires and Century?

 Well, yes, there are a handful of anglers who belong to all four clubs — three to be exact. Can you name them?

 Kevin VanDam? No, he's never bagged over 100 pounds of bass in a single tournament.

 Rick Clunn? No ... for the same reason.

 The three anglers who have "done it all" are Mark Davis, Michael Iaconelli and Skeet Reese. All are comfortably inside the millionaire's list with room to spare. Davis joined the Century Club at Falcon Lake in 2008. Ike and Skeet are both two-time members of the Century Club.