BASS to fly with Kyte technology

One of the constant challenges of the sport of bass fishing is providing fans with timely coverage from locations they can't easily access. See, the playing field for a Bassmaster Elite Series event is outdoors, often remote and extremely spread out. Fans, from the comfort of their homes or offices, have previously been unable to follow the action BASS has recently introduced technological advancements, like BASSCast and BASSTrakk, to try to alleviate this problem. This week, BASS is taking an additional step, using Kyte technology to ramp up reporting from Syracuse, N.Y., and Oneida Lake at the 2009 Bassmaster Elite Series regular-season finale.

 Through Kyte and this new cell-phone technology, it's possible to deliver real-time broadcasts from the water and around the event directly to The video will be accompanied by short text and will be hosted (for lack of a better term) by BASS emcee Keith Alan and ESPN Outdoors television host Mark Zona.

 BASS already offers live, streaming video of Elite Series daily weigh-ins but with Kyte, we will be able to deliver the detailed information that fans crave. We plan to be on the water, at the dock and behind the scenes every step of the way this week.

 In addition, ESPN360 is broadcasting live coverage of the Elite weigh-ins each afternoon, while BASS Insider members will be able to tune in to live press briefings from the most successful Elite Anglers.

 Check for updates throughout the competition.