Classic VIII; Oct. 25-27, 1978

Bobby Murray
Bobby Murray

ROSS BARNETT LAKE, Miss. — Bobby Murray's three-day creel of 14 bass that weighed 37 pounds, 9 ounces was worth $25,000 and the title of World Champion.

Murray's Classic-winning secret focused on a special area in which to fish and a special bait that literally compelled bass to attack.

He chose an area thick with lily pads that featured 8- to 10-foot-deep pools surrounded by shallow flats.

He used a black TimberKing spoon with a chartreuse skirt, which he customized by attaching a shiny, silver Hildebrandt spinner to the front and a trailer hook to the rear.

Without the trailer hook — an unlikely attachment in such heavy cover — Murray would have caught only one bass, because that's exactly how many he nailed on the spoon's main hook.

Of note

•  Rick Clunn almost made it three Classic victories in a row. On the final day, he lost a bass that would have been big enough to take the crown.

Top 6 finishers

1. Bobby Murray Nashville, Tenn. 37-09

2. Rick Clunn Montgomery, Texas 31-10

3. Jerry Rhyne Stanley, N.C. 30-00

4. Cliff Craft Sugar Hill, Texas 28-12

5. Tommy Martin Hemphill, Texas 27-11

6. Gary Wade Greensboro, N.C. 27-05