Candidates weigh in on fishing issues

Gov. Romney added his own commentary regarding fishing closures: “If there is no strong biological reason to limit fishing for the purpose of protecting fish populations, I will always stand with American anglers who have been the backbone of watershed and fisheries protection.”

“I will not close access to fishing except in a case of last resort to protect the productivity of a fishery, certainly not to appease special interests,” continued Gov. Romney. “This hurts the local economies for no reason.” He also noted that fuel prices were a great concern to boaters.

The interviewer concluded by asking each candidate what are the three most important things they could do as president for recreational fishing in America.

President Obama answered with the following:

  • “Ensuring recreational anglers have a voice …”
  • ”Continuing to pursue strategies that encourage conservation of our national lands and waters …”
  • “Prioritizing wise investments in sciences and management initiatives …”.

Gov. Romney’s three answers were as follows:

  • “… get the economy back on track so that Americans can enjoy the pastimes they love …”
  • “… make government smaller, simpler and smarter …”
  • “…consider individuals for my administration that share my vision for a more prosperous America that protects and understands our national traditions and values.”

“We encourage you to both vote on Nov. 6 and continue to voice your viewpoint to policy makers on recreational fishing issues through KeepAmericaFishing,” concluded Robertson.

You can read the entire interview with both candidates on the KeepAmericaFishing website.