Peter Adams of Baroness finds the time to wet a line whenever he can

B.A.S.S.: Do you carry tackle with you when Baroness is on tour?

Peter Adams

Peter Adams: It all depends on the tour. Sometimes it's just work, work, work, and it's hard to find the time to have a moment to yourself.  But when I know I’m going to have a day off here or there I’ll try to slip in somewhere. One of my favorite places to fish on tour is in the Northwest between Seattle and Portland on I-5. You've got so many good salmon and steelhead waters like the Kalama River. I think it is Exit 36.  Whenever we pass, I start yelling, “Pull over!” Even if we don’t have time, I tell them I gotta hit the river real quick.

B.A.S.S.: Do you try to influence where you go on tour based on fishing?

Peter Adams: When I get my say, you know I will! If it were up to me, the whole tour would be one day of playing music followed by a day of fishing. I’ll work that out one of these days if I’m lucky.

Peter may be thinking about fishing in this picture. We'll never know. BaronessPeter may be thinking about fishing in this picture. We'll never know.

B.A.S.S.: Are there any similarities between playing the guitar and fishing?

Peter Adams: Absolutely. 100%. I think they go hand in hand. I’m still forever learning on the water. And it's the same with the guitar. I’m always trying to write a new song or learn a new bit of a style. How to say something differently, you know? I think we can get stuck in a rut. You go to the water and maybe the first thing you tie on is same thing you tie on every day you are out there. But it doesn’t always work. It’s the same with the guitar. You have some tricks up your sleeve, and you can get in the habit of repeating yourself. There’s always more to learn with both of them. That’s what I love about playing music and fishing. They both harbor the same energy. I have an equal amount of passion for both. Sometimes I catch myself thinking about fishing more than music! But I’m always trying to improve on both of them.

B.A.S.S.: So there’s more fishing in your future?

Peter Adams: Absolutely. I’m still not at the point where I’m able to compromise fishing with relationships. Girls get frustrated with me because I tend to prioritize a fishing trip over a trip to the store.

I’m just going to fish… I don’t know if I’m ever going to get my fill of it, man. It is an obsessive thing.

B.A.S.S.: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, Pete!

You can learn more about Peter’s band Baroness on their website. Read more about Pete's Australian fishing adventures here.