Peter Adams of Baroness finds the time to wet a line whenever he can

B.A.S.S.: What’s your experience with bass fishing?

Peter Adams: Bass fishing was my first experience with fishing in general. I don’t know how familiar you are with Virginia waters but we’ve got some of the best smallmouth fishing in the country. We’ve got the New River, the James, the Shenandoah, and also all the feeder rivers  — the Calfpasture, the Maury. The Cow Pasture and the Jackson River form the James up in Alleghany County. So I grew up running around smallmouth fishing. It’s the name of the game where I’m from.  I didn’t catch my first trout until I was an adult. I grew up catching smallmouth and carp.

B.A.S.S.: What’s your biggest bass?

Peter Adams:  Unfortunately I think the biggest one I caught was when I was a teenager. My biggest smallmouth was about 5 pounds, maybe pushing 6. You can catch them 2 and 3 pounds, but to top that off is a real thrill. I’m always hunting for that big smallmouth down in Virginia. I’m starting to get antsy talking about it  — I need to get a few more big ones.

Peter Adams

B.A.S.S.: Since you do all kinds of fishing, what’s the biggest, craziest thing you’ve caught?

Peter Adams: Wow, what’s the biggest thing I ever caught? I’d say it has to be a barracuda.  I was with a buddy of mine and we were traveling down to the Bahamas. This was the first time I’ve ever gone, and I’d heard nothing but great things about fishing in the Bahamas. I’ve never seen clearer waters in my life, man. White sand  — and you could see 20 to 30 feet to the bottom. There’s just about everything to catch down there. My buddy and I were going after the gamefish of choice down there like bonefish, but honestly there’s so much to catch we didn’t care. We were coming through a cut in this tiny little beat up Boston whaler we had rented out, and I see something splashing and chasing on the surface. I thought that maybe it was a barracuda laid up ambushing something on this cut. I hunked a big ol’ minnow out there, a big red flashy thing. I’d cast and strip, cast and strip and nothing. But then it felt like I got hung up on the bottom. And then it just came out of the water — tailwalked a couple of times. This thing was pushing about 5 feet long. This is a nasty big barracuda. I got so excited I jumped in the water with it.

B.A.S.S.: With a barracuda?

Peter Adams: Now, looking back, I wouldn’t have done that! I was just so excited I had to jump in the water and put my hands on this thing! I’d worn him out at that point, thank goodness.

That’s probably the biggest fish I've ever caught, but as far as fighting fish I had the opportunity to fish in Australia a couple of years ago chasing kingfish. Those kingfish… they are a fighting fish. We were throwing squid imitations at them. They are real finicky feeders and not easy to hook up with but when you do they put you to work!

I've caught hundreds of little fish and that’s fun but I’ve got to the point in my life where I’ve geared up heavy and I just want to find the biggest thing I can now.