2013 Elite Series Evan Williams Bourbon Showdown at St. Lawrence River
St. Lawrence River - Waddington, NY, Aug 8 - 11, 2013

Palaniuk is looking for back-to-back victories

Ian Fryers ‏@IFryers

What rod reel combination did you use and what lb test

Brandon Palaniuk@BrandonPalaniuk

6 foot, 10 inch Elite Tech drop shot rod and Revo Premier spinning 8-pound Berkley Fireline Crystal tied to 6-pound 100% fluorocarbon leader


Blake Bushong ‏@BlakeBushong

When you fished the federation how many days would you prefish leading up to the state/divisional tournaments?

Brandon Palaniuk@BrandonPalaniuk

Usually 3 days.


Jimmy Ellis ‏@J_Ellis27

How did you make it financially in the early part of your career with all the entry fees and traveling expenses?

Brandon Palaniuk@BrandonPalaniuk

Cutting costs where possible. Example: tomato soup with hot water and ketchup from McDonalds.


TeaRex ‏@RWHargis

I needed a long-shot upset...should have listened to the masses that picked you! Awsome job BP


Zach Dunham ‏@zdunham777

Hi Brandon, congrats on the win! What length/power/action rod were you using for your drop shot?

Brandon Palaniuk@BrandonPalaniuk

6-10 medium light Fenwick Elite Tech


Frank Myers ‏@BIGDUX2012

I’m going fishing next week and will be dropshoting for first time deep mountain lake. Any pointers?

Brandon Palaniuk@BrandonPalaniuk

Light line and small baits = more fish.


eric warren ‏@azpowerstroke

Congrats on the win! If you had to pick a place for the classic would it be CDA?

Brandon Palaniuk@BrandonPalaniuk

Surely not in February it's freezing there. Guntersville is looking pretty good.


Spotmonkey ‏@sptmnky

We shared one of your most defeating days in LaCrosse. Are u still replaying that day in your head?  

Brandon Palaniuk@BrandonPalaniuk

No, that one has been overshadowed by last week's trophy.


Peter(Bosco) ‏@greekbaz

Favorite dropshot bait?

Brandon Palaniuk@BrandonPalaniuk

Right now it's the Berkley PowerBait Twitch Tail Minnow


TheBassPunk ‏@TheBassPunk

Watch you fish Oneida guy in sight caught them dropshot, you threw swimbait. Big bite? Instinct? Marking them?

Brandon Palaniuk@BrandonPalaniuk

I was just trying to get the big bites!


Cody Ustazewski ‏@codyustazewski

Do you switch out the stock trebles on the arashi square bill? If so what kind and size.

Brandon Palaniuk@BrandonPalaniuk

I will usually switch them to No. 2 or No. 4 EWG style treble hooks


Midwest Fish Hunters ‏@317FISHHUNTERS

job interview got rescheduled so I’m here lol.  what was your first big tournament before u turned pro?

Brandon Palaniuk@BrandonPalaniuk

BFL All-American or the B.A.S.S. Nation Championship


Corby Coon ‏@corbycoon

when your drop shotting do you "dead stick" it or are you always bouncing your rod tip slightly?

Brandon Palaniuk@BrandonPalaniuk

It varies on the mood of the fish. I usually have some type of rod movement.