2013 Elite Series Rigid Industries Falcon Slam
Falcon Lake - Zapata, TX, Mar 21 - 25, 2013

Nothing but winners at Falcon

Monday afternoon, Combs confirmed Clunn's thoughts. Combs was fishing all week at the south end of Falcon, near the dam.

"That day off saved me," he said. "If I'd been exposed to those big winds, I don't think I could have gotten it done."

Fittingly, Clunn didn't go away empty-handed. He finished with 105-6, earning himself a coveted B.A.S.S. heavyweight belt for breaking the century mark. (He did it with only 18 bass, falling two short of a limit Thursday.)


The Bass Anglers Sportsman Society made the decision Sunday to postpone Day Four and not cancel the tournament after three days. It takes a lot of money to put this Elite Series show on the road. An extra day is big bucks.

But everyone benefited by the postponement, with the exception of the B.A.S.S. accounting department. It's not often anymore that you see a decision made anywhere without regard for the bottom line.

Clark Reehm

Last but not least, Clark Reehm, the 33-year-old Shreveport, La., resident, forfeited his chances to move up in the standings Saturday by coming to the aid of Keith Combs.

Combs had suffered a mechanical boat engine failure when Reehm came to his rescue that afternoon. It was perfectly legal under B.A.S.S. rules but not required by any means.

As it turned out, Combs didn't need that 3-pounder he caught in the final hour from Reehm's boat, which filled his limit Saturday. Combs' final margin over Clunn was almost 6 pounds.

Reehm was happy Saturday despite finishing 50th. By making the top 5O cut in 27th place with a 30-pound bag Friday, Reehm had assured himself a $10,000 check, no matter where he placed the next day.

Most importantly, Reehm's example of sportsmanship might well influence the sport for years to come.

Five days, instead of four, on Falcon Lake: Nothing but winners.