2012 Elite Series Green Bay Challenge Lake Michigan - Green Bay, WI, Jun 28 - Jul 1, 2012

Green Bay: Freedom of the 100th angler

I say this because if I was the 100th bass angler to launch today, if I followed the Elites out to the waters of Wisconsin, and I followed them north, followed them all the way to the line drawn in the water by the DNR, ONLY THE ELITES would have to stop at that imaginary line.

I could drive right through it and fish anywhere I wanted.

None of the Elites could.


Why is it alright for me, and not the Elites.

Fishing for the same fish.

Fishing with the same bait.

Fishing with the same state license.

Yet the DNR has not drawn a line for me.

So much for the "impartially" of their oath.

In America, governments can't play favorites with its law abiding citizens.

If I can go today and get a fishing license and fish for bass wherever I want in Wisconsin waters…so should the Elites.

It's not about the fish.

It is all about making rules for one group of people, when those rules don't apply equally to all.

To do anything less is flat out discrimination.

To do anything less is to make a mockery of the oath you have taken as a public servant.

Because "Impartially" means: Not partial or biased; unprejudiced.

Whether on land,

or water.

"…this is our country."

“Our Country”

John Mellencamp