2012 Elite Series Ramada Championship Oneida Lake - Syracuse, NY, Aug 23 - 26, 2012

Success drives Duckett

chadletonIs “power-finesse” becoming more common at the Elites? 10-pound line and long leaders on a C-rig; 10-pound fluoro a la Syracuse.

Duckett: Power-finesse is popular on tour. Remember: light line always equals more bites; heavy line equals more landed fish.

Duckett: The decision to use light/heavy line is made on tour on a daily basis. That’s part of tournament fishing.


slumpgumpy Hey Boyd, looks like you were using braid on your swimbait at Oneida. Is that right?

Duckett: No, I was using 10-pound Trilene, 100% fluorocarbon. The light line got me more bites.

slumpgump Yup. That’s right. I forgot. Saw it on TV last Saturday. If all fluoro is clear, why did 10 pound make a difference? And when did you realize you had to go down to 10 pound? In practice?

Duckett: I learned the first day of the event; got short strikes on 17 pound, switched to 10 pound and then caught ’em.


BASS_nation Boyd, what’s your strategy going into the Classic?

Duckett: I’ve already started my research, and I will practice before cutoff, preparing for any weather situation.

BASS_nation Thinking back on your season, what were the ups and downs?

Duckett: The biggest up was the constant progress of coming back to a champion level angler.

Duckett: The biggest down was Toledo Bend. I had a complete metal spinout.

BASS_nation What did you do after Toledo Bend to turn your thinking around?

Duckett: I focused on how to put one good day of tournament fishing together, making good decisions on the water every day.


JenJen3281 Got any good luck charms you keep with you while fishing?

Duckett: Red shoes, baby! I’ve always worn them!


BhamJen Hi Boyd! You recently had a baby, right? Did you have the famous angler "baby luck" at Oneida?

Duckett: Bobby Lane is the one who talked me into “baby luck.”

Duckett: I didn’t pay a lot of attention to it, but Lane said the new baby would carry me through.

Duckett: So my plan is to see how we can have another one by February! My son’s name is Eli, and he’s one month old.


Hirambassman Still throwing those glass rods?

Duckett: No, Duckett Fishing rods are all 100% graphite.

Duckett: Graphite is way more sensitive than glass.

pd111Hey man. Congrats on your win. Following you all the way from South Africa!


BASS_nation Thanks for joining us Boyd! And thank you all for your questions!

Duckett: Thanks for participating with B.A.S.S. and the Twitter chat. It’s a lot of fun for me to talk to other anglers who have the same passion for the sport as I do. Stayed tuned to The Duckett Exchange (boydduckett.com) for details on how I improved my season in 2012.