2013 Elite Series West Point Lake Battle West Point Lake - LaGrange, GA, May 2 - 5, 2013

Choose anglers who can change with conditions at West Point

Bucket B

A local who won the Elite Series event here in 2011 after skipping much of practice so he wouldn’t give away his spots, Kennedy (17.1 percent) is a favorite again. He grew up fishing here and knows where all the good brushpiles, trees and rocks are. But he’s also a go-big-or-go-home type, so he’s always a risk, Fantasy Fishing-wise. On Eufaula, he placed 11th in April 2005 and 15th in March 2004. On Clarks Hill, he placed 26th in late May 2010, 31st in early May 2006, 76th in early May 2008 and 83rd in late April 2007.

If enough spawners remain, Alton Jones (9 percent) could be a good pick. Still, he placed sixth here in 2011, when the lake was more postspawn than it will be this year, so he’s a great value at less than 10 percent ownership. Additionally, his go-to bait is a Yum Dinger, a soft stickbait similar to the Kinami Flash, Kennedy’s secondary bait in his 2011 win here.

With West Point’s huge population of spotted bass, Aaron Martens (14.2 percent) could be deadly on gravel points with light line and finesse presentations. Currently 39th in AOY points, he’ll be motivated to improve on his 35th-place finish here in 2011. Martens finished fourth in an early April 2011 PAA event on Lake Lanier in which many other Elite Series pros struggled.

My high-risk/high-reward pick this week is Fred Roumbanis. Although he finished 43rd on West Point in 2011, he’s fared well on Clarks Hill in May previously. And I like how his likely arsenal stacks up against a postspawn West Point: topwater frogs, Roumba wake baits and Optimum swimbaits. On Clarks Hill, he placed 10th in late April 2007 and 27th in early May 2006.

Bucket C

I like Ott Defoe (27.4 percent) and Mark Davis (3.1 percent).

Defoe finished 11th on West Point in 2011 and second in mid-February 2006. On Eufaula, he placed sixth in early March 2004, ninth in early April 2009 and 33rd in mid-March 2008.

Davis, “Mr. Post Spawn,” finished 14th here in 2011, and eighth in late March 2004 and late May 2010 events on Clarks Hill.

Bucket D

Although Randy Howell (13.9 percent) finished 46th here in 2011, he’s too good an angler not to consider picking in such a low bucket. And then there’s his postspawn record on Clarks Hill — fifth in early May 2006, 14th in late April 2007 and 27th in early May 2008. He’s my pick.

Jared Lintner placed fourth here in 2011. On Clarks Hill, he placed 22nd in early May 2008 and 48th in late May 2010. On Lake Lanier, another Chattahoochee River impoundment in Georgia, he placed 23rd in early April 2011.

Jason Quinn was 38th here in 2011, but he placed third and 15th on Clarks Hill in early May 2006 and late April 2007.

Britt Myers placed 39th here in 2011, but finished 13th and 15th on Clarks Hill in in early May 2008 and 2006.

Marty Robinson finished 30th on West Point in 2011 and 135th in mid-February 2006. He placed 10th in mid-May 2006 on Eufaula and 36th in mid-March 2006 and 89th in late April 2005. On Clarks Hill, he finished 20th in late May 2010.

Greg Vinson was 16th here in the 2011 Elite Series event and 113th in mid-February 2006. On Clarks Hill? 43rd in early May 2008 and 52nd in late April 2007. On Eufaula? 30th, 52nd, 70th, 98th and 91st.

Bucket E

I’m picking Andy Montgomery (9.1 percent), who placed ninth on West Point in 2011. He’s also placed 10th on Eufaula in March 2010, 16th in April 2009, 19th in March 2007, 24th in April 2005 and 35th in March 2008.

Davy Hite (11.1 percent) placed 31st on West Point in 2011. On Clarks Hill, he won in May 2006, was runner-up in May 2008 and placed 18th in March 2005. On Eufaula, he placed 21st in March 2004.