2014 GEICO Bassmaster Classic presented by Diet Mountain Dew and GoPro
Lake Guntersville - Birmingham, AL, Feb 21 - 23, 2014

Classic champ on his miracle win

Slick Longcast ‏@JacobFoutz 

What did you key on to help catch the better quality fish? 

Randy Howell ‏@theRandyHowell 

I keyed in on the deeper fish I saw on the side scan on my Lowrance. The Livingston Lure crankbait went deeper with a wider wobble. 


Tristan Powell ‏@t_pow97 

What is the key feature you look for when your trying to find fish on a new body of water? 

Randy Howell ‏@theRandyHowell 

I like to find areas that have plenty of hiding places, cover, and also places that have a lot of food sources.


Greg Powell ‏@g_powe 

What was the adrenaline rush like when they announced you the Classic Champion? 

Randy Howell ‏@theRandyHowell 

It was unreal - it started when I was on the hot seat and intensified. I wish I'd had a heart rate monitor on!


joe mahan ‏@fhonik 

What was the first tourney you made money for winning? 

Randy Howell ‏@theRandyHowell 

I did one with my dad when I was 10 and we won big fish money and won $400 and got a trophy! I still have that trophy!


Dave Mercer ‏@FactsofFishing 

Congrats again Randy, It was an honor for me to be there and announce it, but I want to know when was the 1st moment you started to think maybe I won the #bassmasterclassic?

Randy Howell ‏@theRandyHowell 

Thanks, Dave! You did an awesome job to make it special. But when you weighed Mueller and said 24 pounds instead of 25 & you looked at me with those big eyes, that's when it hit me that it might be about to happen. 

Fish Catchmore ‏@Catch_more_fish 

Yeah but you were grinning like a possum in the first interview u did off the water! #greatjob


Glenn Akins ‏@birdmane85 

Do you use your 7 ft. Med.Lt. Tatula rod for all your cranking?  love you serving Christ thru the kings home kids

Randy Howell ‏@theRandyHowell 

I helped design that rod for Daiwa esp. for shallow cranking, lipless cranking and jerkbaiting. When I go to larger cranks with bigger hooks, I go to heavier action. 


Emily Hand ‏@ejhand 

What was going thru your mind during your victory lap?  pic.twitter.com/CdVsjtV5al



Randy Howell ‏@theRandyHowell 

It was the most unreal feeling & moment of my life. It was living a dream I've had many times but hard to put into words.