2014 GEICO Bassmaster Classic presented by Diet Mountain Dew and GoPro
Lake Guntersville - Birmingham, AL, Feb 21 - 23, 2014

Classic champ on his miracle win

Chase ‏@whitechase15 

What was the orange crank bait you was using around the bridge? 

Randy Howell ‏@theRandyHowell 

Two different ones! Be sure to check http://Bassmaster.com  for the photos and GoPro videos. 

They were a DT6 and the Livingston Lure medium diver. 

Bassmaster ‏@BASS_nation 

Here's a photo of the lure.  pic.twitter.com/FRHGJCMVlN


james whitaker ‏@bwhitaker45 

Has spring creek always been a favorite part of Gville lake for you? We took those pics (website 9 yrs ago) in spring creek. 

Randy Howell ‏@theRandyHowell 

Spring Creek has been a special place to me - it's right there in the city and the fishing's always been good.


Samuel Davis ‏@sdavisgolf 

When looking at a lake map how do you go about finding potential spots that hold bass? 

Randy Howell ‏@theRandyHowell 

If people only new how simple I am, I rarely even look at a paper map! I just try to figure out the puzzle of seasonal patterns on my Lowrance electronics! 

Samuel Davis ‏@sdavisgolf 

Alright thank you very much!


Andy Whitcomb ‏@andywhitcomb 

When bass fishing, what is your most frequent bycatch? Drum, catfish, sunfish, other?  #JustKeepReeling

Randy Howell ‏@theRandyHowell 

Depends on where we are. On TN River chain, it's drum. Most other places, it's catfish. 


Bass Fishing Tips ‏@BassFishnTips 

If limited to 5 bass baits to fish entire season, what would they be?

Randy Howell ‏@theRandyHowell 

5' Senko, Yamamoto Flapping Hawg, @LivingstonLures winning crankbait & square-bill shalllow crank, Rattleback Jig 


JaySkinner™ ‏@Jas_Skinner 

 What is/was your driving force to become a pro angler and what was your backup plan should it not have panned out?

Randy Howell ‏@theRandyHowell 

I grew up on a lake in N.C. and around a marina business my parents had, so all I ever wanted to do is fish. 


Kevin Orr ‏@bassanglr 

How do you keep Oakley and Laker engaged in fishing when the bite is slow? Congrats to you and Robin!

Randy Howell ‏@theRandyHowell 

We used to bring toys to keep them occupied. You can't expect their attention to be on fishing so we stick to things that are easy to catch & will keep biting.