Big bass, big cash, great concerts at TTBC

Speaking of big bass, the chance to catch a 9-pounder on any cast is never out of the question on Lake Conroe, and 2004 Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year Gerald Swindle ranks big bass as one of his favorite things about the TTBC. “I love the fact that all three major pro circuits send their top guys to compete against one another, and I love the fact that this lake has some giants swimming in it,” said Swindle. “Plus, I’m a music lover, so the concerts put the icing on the cake each day.”

Swindle’s roommate Terry “Big Show” Scroggins asks what’s not to love about the TTBC. “How can you not see it as one of the greatest events in our sport?” asked the jovial Floridian, who has won more than a million-and-a-half dollars in his rather short career.

“First off, we have the best anglers from all three major pro tours competing here, there’s no entry fee, no points on the line, so it’s kind of laid back and filled with camaraderie, but yet we’re fishing for $100,000,” said Scroggins.

“I love everything about the TTBC,” said Scroggins. “You practice hard here, you fish hard here, and whether you catch ’em or not, you get to go to a great concert at the end of the day,” he concluded. “’About the only bad thing I can think of is that they have a bunch of cowboy boots for sale around here, and my girlfriend loves cowboy boots. Now, that can cost a man a lot of money,” laughed “Big Show.”

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