2013 Elite Series Toyota All-Star Week and Evan Williams Bourbon Championship
Muskegon Lake and White Lake - Muskegon, MI, Sep 27 - 29, 2013

Donations, giveaways and -- no more taxes?

Crochet says he'll ban taxes, and other pros offer prizes for All-Star voting

Jeremy ‏@Warpig215

how about a RT i voted for Brandon @mike_Iaconelli @fish4ish and Greg Hackney....Come on boys vote ’em in


Jason Christie ‏@christiefishing

and if voted in, I'll send out a Booyah/Yum tackle pack worth $200 to a lucky Facebook fan

BDR35 ‏@rinehart3576

I want that Jason

Jerod Imlay ‏@jlimlay

voted for ya every day. Go catch em!

Jason Christie ‏@christiefishing

Thanks Jerod



what's your favorite lure to use and why once the water starts getting colder in the fall?

Russ Lane ‏@RussLaneFishing

The Spro Fat Papa 55 I designed is the deal for cool water temps in the fall! Good luck!

Randy Howell ‏@theRandyHowell

@yamamotobait shad shape worm on a drop shot!

Matt Hand ‏@mhand334

favorite bait this time of the year on the Alabama river?

Russ Lane ‏@RussLaneFishing

Spro Fat Papa70 on ledges and flip a BBB RealDeal Craw in the creeks. Good luck!


MercuryMarine ‏@MercuryMarine

We want to know from #MercuryProTeam guys...what is your favorite part of the All Star event?

Randy Howell ‏@theRandyHowell

My Favorite part is another opportunity to catch fish, meet new fans, and promote my partners!

Brandon Johnson ‏@Johnsonfishing

my favorite part is the giving back that all the guys are offering! Great charities and causes! #MercuryProTeam

Ott DeFoe ‏@OttDeFoe

it is the best event for hanging out with fans that i have been a part of.

Kevin Hawk ‏@hawkfishing

Getting to meet the fans, catching bass and running my Mercury all over the lake

John Murphy ‏@theJohnMurph

it's about sippin the gas and catchin more bass

Bob Izumi ‏@BobIzumi

Time flies! This poster from 1994 hangs in the hall of my office. It was a great promo to be part of! #Namethepros


Chris Davis ‏@fishingdavis

Pulling for @BCardFishing. He’s come a long way since we used to dominate UK in the battle of the bluegrass. EKU! Good luck bud.


Jonathon VanDam ‏@JonathonVanDam

Forgot it comes with some gear from GLoomis and Shimano! As well as up to two nights lodging covered! Tons of other free swag!



Chad Wiley ‏@ChadWly

I'm voting for myself one day!


Chris Lane Fishing ‏@ChrisLaneFish

$500 gift card from my tackle store in Guntersville too. Anyone been in there yet?

Kenny Elkins ‏@RossXD_Hunter

been there twice and love it...great selection


Adam McCollum ‏@AUadam

Hey @GeraldSwindle what r u willing to do to win the #allstar event and will u ensure I get picked to win the fish w/ Gman comp?


MercuryMarine ‏@MercuryMarine

Make sure you vote #MercuryProTeam for the @BASS_nation All Stars! Good luck guys!! http://tinyurl.com/nnjouls 

Randy Howell ‏@theRandyHowell

Thanks @MercuryMarine! You kept me on the fish this year!

Ott DeFoe ‏@OttDeFoe

Thanks Mercury and thanks @BASS_nation

Jason Christie ‏@christiefishing

Thanks @MercuryMarine for pushing me around all year around!! Couldn't have done it without you, what a year!!!