Zona and Mercer talk BassGold

Saves Time

Zona said, "We as bass anglers spend so much time on preparation. All of us reading whatever I'm saying right now spend an immeasurable amount of time trying to figure out how to catch more fish. BassGold is one of those tools that makes that curve so much faster.

"In a world where we don't have a ton of time, BassGold helps answer questions before we even hit the lake."

Is BassGold Too Good?!

Mercer noted that because of its uncanny accuracy, BassGold is "its own worst enemy. Just like when a really good bait comes along, when fishermen find something good, it's in their nature to keep it secret. And that's BassGold. Guys know it works, but they don't want to talk about it because they don't have to."

Zona said: "In some way, BassGold falls into line with side-imaging, Power-Poles and the HydroWave. This is all stuff fishermen don't think they need until they see it used to their benefit.

"I have to see things with my own eyes, and I've seen how BassGold helps. It tells you where to start and what to use – seasonally, which is huge. Why would someone not take an advantage of a tool that eliminates 90 percent of a body of water?"



With a database of thousands of tournament patterns covering hundreds of lakes, BassGold.com – a B.A.S.S. partner – is the ultimate bass patterning tool.  For the month of October 2012 B.A.S.S. members can sign up for BassGold for just $20 for a one-year subscription. That's a huge 40% off the regular subscription price. Just use code BM1210. Don't forget to use the code! Note that BassGold offers a three-day free trial.