Paul Elias' 5 fave rods for fall

No. 3: 7-11 cranking rod

This is for throwing the deep-divers to scrounge up the bass that are late in moving shallow. I’ll bomb a Mann’s 20+ around the deeper parts of the same points I’m covering with the jig. This is also good for covering the deeper ledges out in the main lake.

Through the years, I’ve had a lot of input on developing cranking rods, and I think this one is just about perfect for throwing deep divers. It’s long for two reasons: First, you can really bomb it out there, and second, when a fish hits your bait it’ll load up really well and keep it buttoned up.

No. 4: 7-8 cranking rod

This has a little more backbone than the 7-11 and is made for throwing square bills like a Mann’s Baby “X”. I’ll throw this along shallow points as well as in the backs of pockets; the same spots I throw the buzzbait. Basically, anywhere there are shad, you need to be throwing a moving bait.

This cranking rod has a little bit stiffer tip on it because a lot of times you’re throwing square bills around shallow cover like wood, and you need to be able to move that fish out of there once he bites.

No. 5: 7-1 medium-heavy

I’ll toss a big spinnerbait along ledges and in deep timber and just slow roll it through there. A rod like this is good for those big, heavy spinnerbaits because even though it’s medium-heavy, it’s leaning toward heavy. Those big spinnerbaits have a big diameter hook on them and you need to be able to sink it into the fish even when it’s deep and there’s lots of line between you.

Originally published October 2011