2012 Elite Series - All-Star Semi-final Lake Shelbyville - Decatur, IL, Sep 20 - 21, 2012

Patterning Shelbyville with BassGold


The "Weights By Month" graph in the Pattern Report shows that winning and placing weights this time of year average in the low to mid-teens per day. Terry said he feels that's spot on, with maybe as little as 12 pounds a day needed to win.

But with just 12 guys on the lake and recreational boat traffic almost nonexistent, we all feel the average weight could be on the higher end of that range, bearing in mind that the chances of catching multiple 5-plus-pounders are slim.

And don't forget that the field will be cut to four after Day Two, and those four anglers will move to Lake Decatur. Terry says Decatur is very shallow, like a bowl, and fishes much differently than Shelbyville.

Should Be Fun

"It should be a good tournament, "Ken said, “Each angler will be able to fish his strength with little room for excuses."

"I'm interested to see what the guys do," Terry added. "Local anglers have a tendency to get set in their ways. These guys don't have any preconceived notions. They're just going to go fishing."


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