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Fishing 'symbols'

Berkley: The Art of Evolution

Anglers instantly recognize the jaunty red oval with the white lettering that encompasses a full range of fishing lures, fishing line, rods, reels and other products. Simplicity and versatility make Berkley’s logo effective, said Jeff Williamson, vice-president of Berkley.

“We want to be really consistent with the logo,” Williamson said. “We want to use it on everything, whether it’s on printed materials or packaging.”

It’s a timeless design, but Williamson said it undergoes constant, subtle changes every three years to remain current. This helps convey freshness to Berkley’s ever-evolving product line.

“We always use the name, obviously, but we’ve evolved it to make sure the customer understands what we do, which is fishing,” Williamson said. “Our regular customers understand it, and they can convey it to new customers. I’ve watched people walk up and see the logo, and they relate it to the product. That instills confidence.”

Williamson cautioned that a good logo cannot cover up a bad product. The logo is only as successful as the products behind it.

“That product has to work for people — help them catch more fish,” Williamson explained. “They equate that with the logo, that’s what that logo means to them.”

Consumers are generally not comfortable with change. For that reason, Williamson said changes to the logo must be so subtle that nobody notices them.

“We try to understand how to freshen up those lines,” he explained. “You have to keep the consistency, but you want it to look trendy.”

Evan Williams: Tradition

Bourbon drinkers demand consistency, and they are traditionally brand loyal. That’s why the Evan Williams logo doesn’t change, said Chris Ratterman, associate brand manager for Evan Williams Bourbon. When customers see that logo — whether it’s on a shirt, a cap or a hip flask — it assures them that they are getting the same quality in their product with every purchase.

“Evan Williams has been branded over a long period of time,” Ratterman said. “We integrate the logo into everything we do. Every piece of merchandise we sell or give away, we brand it to create that brand identity and to keep everything consistent. It’s a product for the everyday man, so we try to keep it realistic and relatable. We put the seal {Since 1783} next to it to show our heritage.”