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Best of Falcon, so far!

Mar 24, 2013

With a dust storm halting the action on the last day, we take a look back at what has made this tournament one for the books.

What the pros do when a tournament day is cancelled

Mar 23, 2013

The Top 12 pros weren't expecting to have to sit today out. See what they did when they couldn't compete.

The launch that wasn't

Mar 23, 2013

The pros shielded their faces from the dust this morning while the decision was made to postpone today's competition.

Day Three behind the scenes

Mar 22, 2013

Go backstage (and more!) on Day Three in Zapata!

Day Three on the water IV

Mar 22, 2013

Day Three on the water III

Mar 22, 2013

Slam: Day Three weigh-in

Mar 22, 2013

The Top 50 were on fire on Day Three - see who made the final cut!

Day Three on the water II

Mar 22, 2013

Spectators watched as the nation's top pros pulled huge fish out of Falcon.

Day Three on the water I

Mar 22, 2013

The pros found countless 7- and 8-pounders today on Falcon.

Day Three launch on Falcon

Mar 22, 2013

It's down to the Top 50 now. Watch as they get ready for the action this morning.