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Eastern Divisional: Day 3 weigh-in

Sep 25, 2014

It was another smallmouth smackdown on the St. Lawrence River for the final day of the Eastern Divisional.

Preview: Toyota Bonus Bucks Tournament on Kentucky Lake

Sep 25, 2014

The Toyota Bonus Bucks Tournament will get underway this weekend on Kentucky Lake, the site of four previous Elite Series events.

Bowfishing Elites

Sep 25, 2014

The pros try their hand at bowfishing on Owasco Lake.

Eastern Divisional: Day 3 launch

Sep 25, 2014

The temps were in the low 50s on this cool, pleasant morning that closes out the Eastern Divisional.

Eastern Divisional: Day 2 weigh-in

Sep 24, 2014

More big smallmouth -- one even up to 6 pounds -- crossed the stage at the Eastern Divisional.

Eastern Divisional: On the water

Sep 24, 2014

Day 2 has been less productive for many competitors, but one -- Doug Brownridge -- is catching 'em just as well as he did when he led on Day 1.

Eastern Divisional: Day 2 launch

Sep 24, 2014

The sky looked like it was painted for the second morning of the 2014 Old Milwaukee B.A.S.S. Nation Eastern Divisional.

Eastern Divisional: Day 1 weigh-in

Sep 23, 2014

Loads of fat smallmouth crossed the stage at the Eastern Divisional.

Day 1 launch on the St. Lawrence

Sep 23, 2014

Temps were in the low 40s for the first takeoff of the Eastern Divisional.

Eastern Divisional registration

Sep 22, 2014

Team members met at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Waddington for the Eastern Divisional registration.