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Make adjustments for big smallies

Oct 25, 2010

It's funny how anglers can get so geeked up about an upcoming fishing trip that we play it out in our minds as to how we're going to catch them. When I'm headed out on a fun fishing trip to a place I haven't been for awhile, I have an idea of how I think — and hope — I'm going to catch them. But it doesn't always work out that way.

Chris Lane: Hidden honey holes

Oct 25, 2010

Chris Lane gives tips on how to find those hidden honey holes

Texoma: How Pharr Did It

Oct 25, 2010

Mike Pharr did on Lake Texoma last week. With only nine bass, caught across three days, he managed to boat the winning weight and earn more than $42,000 in the process.

Qualifying structure for 2012 Classic

Oct 25, 2010

B.A.S.S. announced Monday a new qualifying structure for the 2012 Bassmaster Classic and Bassmaster Elite Series.

College B.A.S.S. champion Classic-bound

Oct 25, 2010

A collegiate angler will get the opportunity to compete against the top professional bass anglers in the Bassmaster Classic.

Think outside the box

Oct 24, 2010

It pays to think "outside the box" when assessing how and when to use lures.Many baits are stereotyped for specific situations, and in the case of soft plastics, that includes how we rig them.

Pharr wins 2010 Central Open

Oct 23, 2010

Mike Pharr wins 2010 Central Open, and Keith Combs, Clark Reehm get a 2011 Classic berth.

2010 Bassmaster Central Open # 3 - Day Three - BTS

Oct 23, 2010

Go behind the scenes on day three of the 2010 Bassmaster Central open #3.

2010 Central Open # 3 - Day Three - Weigh-In

Oct 23, 2010

This photo gallery features images from the weigh-in on the third day of competition at the 2010 Bassmaster Central Open #3.

2010 Central Open #3 - Day Three - OTW

Oct 23, 2010

This photo gallery features images from day three on the water at the 2010 Bassmaster Open #3.