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Squam Lakes For Beauty

Jan 10, 2008

It's unlikely, but there might come a time when you've forgotten why you love to fish.

Conroe's Bass Piling Up

Jan 10, 2008

Lake Conroe is earning a reputation as a producer of big largemouth bass.

Erie's Presque Isle Bay

Jan 10, 2008

In Pennsylvania, that overlooked bassin' water is Presque Isle on the south shore of Lake Erie. This shallow 3,800-acre bay created by a 7-mile long sand spit is a natural harbor for the city of Erie making it Pennsylvania's only Great Lakes port.

Ouachita: An Angler's Playground

Jan 10, 2008

Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, largemouth bass fishing is the most popular sport in Arkansas

Trophy Bronzebacks Of Elk Lake

Jan 10, 2008

Elk Lake, one of the largest inland lakes in northern Michigan, is an overlooked gem for trophy smallmouth.

Lake Casa Blanca

Jan 10, 2008

Big Bass Factory Stays Under The Radar

The Mini-Great Lake

Jan 10, 2008

Metropolitan Detroit may not offer the kind of backdrop most anglers expect to see when catching bullish smallmouth, but Lake St. Clair is unique in a lot of ways.

America's Hottest Lake

Jan 10, 2008

One visit to Lake Amistad and you will find yourself thinking that there is no reason to travel to Mexico to experience blow-your-mind bass fishing.

My Heart At Mateos

Jan 10, 2008

If it wasn't the 7-pound largemouth somersaulting into my popper with only minutes remaining in the fishing day, perhaps it was the scenery that had my heart racing.

Staying Warm, part 2

Jan 9, 2008

OK, it's cold outside. But that doesn't keep the fish from biting. Now is a great time to enjoy a day on the water. The trick is to be safe and comfortable. You do that by staying dry and warm.