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The One that Got Away

Nov 17, 2009

The one that got away story is from this season. It was the last day of the Mississippi River tournament in Iowa.

Drop shotting is special

Nov 17, 2009

Of all the different techniques and presentations that make up finesse fishing, I consider drop shotting special. It's effective in both shallow and deep water; in clear, stained or dirty water; and in open water or thick cover

Real Heroes

Nov 16, 2009

Our soldiers fighting the wars are heroes. The men and women who provide emergency medical care to them under hostile fire are heroes. The men and women who went into the World Trade Center to save people from the flames are heroes.

Kevin VanDam - Organization

Nov 13, 2009

In this promo Kevin VanDam talks about the importance of organization.

Interview with Manabu Kurita - Part 2

Nov 13, 2009

Interview with Manabu Kurita, potential world record holder. Part two of a two part episode.

More how and why on float-and-fly

Nov 13, 2009

First of all, we should cover the best time of year to use the float-and-fly. After years and years of using the method, I've determined that it works best whenever the water temperature is below 55 degrees.

They can't take it away

Nov 13, 2009

Back when we were all kids, our mothers and fathers used to tell us to get an education because, "They can't take it away from you, no matter what." I'm telling you the same thing today. Of course, your parents were talking about your lessons at school. I'm talking about learning how to catch fish.

BASS, Swindle Honor Veterans

Nov 12, 2009

Gerald Swindle in the Veteran's day parade in Birmingham Alabama

Fred Roumbanis - Wake Bait

Nov 12, 2009

Fred Roumbanis shows you how to modify a wake bait.

Pete Ponds' no-fail fall strategy

Nov 11, 2009

Fishing for fall bass can be confusing. These fish migrate back into creeks this time of year, following schools of shad and feeding ravenously to build energy reserves for winter. But as the baitfish roam around, the bass do likewise, and finding and staying in the action can be mystifying for some anglers.