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Bradley Roy's Reel Life - Ep.7

Jun 3, 2010

Bradley Roy talks about the diffrence between fluorocarbon and monofilaments, and his upcoming tournament on Kentucky Lake.

So long shoreline, hello open water

Jun 3, 2010

These days most anglers recognize that bass spend more time away from the shore than close to it. In fact, I suspect it's a safe bet, on any given day, that more bass fishermen fish open-water than along the banks.

River woes

Jun 2, 2010

High, muddy water, floating debris, steamy humidity, and sizzling temperatures have made practice tough this week for anglers hoping to gain ground in the Bassmaster Central Division

BASS returns to Shreveport, La

Jun 2, 2010

Aaron Johnson gives some tips to other anglers at the Central Opens on Red River

Bobby Lane got 'Hooked!' on bass fishing

Jun 2, 2010

Bobby Lane talks about his childhood and fishing with his brothers, dad and grandad in Florida.

Kevin VanDam got 'Hooked!'

Jun 2, 2010

Kevin VanDam talks about fishing the early days, and his childhood

Drag the right ones

Jun 2, 2010

Marty Stone is going to drag a Carolina rig, he's going to make sure he has the right bait for the given scenario.

Another handy tool for anglers

Jun 2, 2010

Today, you'll find Power-Poles latched to the back of just about every Elite angler's boat, and they're finding their way onto recreational rigs as well.

Find your level

Jun 2, 2010

Last week was an exciting one for me. On Thursday I did a demonstration at a local pond here in Columbus for the Hartley Hogs.

Popular Kentucky Lake

Jun 1, 2010

2010 Elite Series Tennessee Triumph - Kentucky Lake will air on ESPN2