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Gerald Swindle - Backwater

Oct 15, 2009

B.A.S.S. pro, Gerald Swindle, on fishing backwater.

2009 November Lunker Club

Oct 13, 2009

Bassmaster Magazine readers submit their lunkers for publication in the November 2009 issue.

Smallmouth in murky water

Oct 13, 2009

In this article, you can read about how some of the best smallmouth fishing can be experienced in water color closer to Tennessee sippin' whiskey than gin.

Master Series on Tackle with Aaron Martens (Lesson 1:)

Oct 13, 2009

In this article, Aaron Martens, one of the most detail-oriented and methodical anglers fishing the Bassmaster Elite Series will offer tips on how to help us get the most out of your tackle.

Kim Bain-Moore gears up for another championship event

Oct 13, 2009

Kim Bain-Moore says she's ready to get back on the Red River, where she fished the 2009 Bassmaster Classic in February.

The second time around

Oct 13, 2009

Frank Scalish is back in the Elites after the most dominating performance seen during any Opens season. This 2010 season is Scalish's second Bassmaster Classic.

Flutter Spoon - Electronics - Ep. 2

Oct 13, 2009

This episode is a guide for how to use sonar to help bait fish.

BASS: The Movie premier

Oct 12, 2009

Bass: The Movie, billed as "a road trip through California in search of fishing secrets and a world record," will premier on Oct. 17 at Pacific Design Center in Hollywood, Calif.

Flutter Spoon - Gear Up - Ep. 1

Oct 12, 2009

In this episode learn how to prepare your fishing gear for a day out on the water.

Float your boat

Oct 12, 2009

Everyone in the fishing industry is concerned about the boat market. It's true, fishing boat sales are down nearly 50 percent during this recession. That's not good news. Concern is not panic, however. The trend is upward. Sales in the second half of this year are on a pace to exceed those in the first half. Things are getting better.